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Subtropico International (Pty) Ltd is a Supplier of Fresh Produce to the distribution centres of all the Major Supermarket Retail groups in South Africa.

Subtropico International has a range of approximately 30 fresh produce lines, which include both vegetables and fruit products that are produced, prepared and packed through our accredited packing facilities in Klapmuts, Western Cape.

Subtropico International is an exporter of fresh fruit as well as subtropical and other dried fruit which are used in the manufacturing of fruit bars. Subtropico International has extensive sophisticated pre-packing facilities that are situated 60 kilometers from Cape Town, between Paarl and Stellenbosch in the Western Cape.

In the South African context, the project complements initiatives with regard to the development and support of emerging farmer’s.


The company is involved in agricultural activity growing its own products but also procures from contracted growing programs with commercial farmers, fully supporting agribanner entrepreneurs from our emerging farming communities.

Products are sourced through growing programs with provincial and national accredited producers to ensure consistent year round supply to retail. This requires the company to enter into extensive high volume growing programs with producers from all the major growing regions throughout South Africa. The procurement program which was traditionally focused on bigger commercial farmers has been extended to successfully include emerging farmers and farming communities. 


Our farming practices and packhouse facilities and protocol are managed within the framework of strict retail food safety specifications, consumer act regulations, Eurogap, and other relevant food safety legislation and product requirements. 

Products are packed and delivered 7 days per week through a well-developed logistics network to retail distribution centres and customers in the hospitality and catering industry.


The company has developed a ready prepared de-hydrated vegetable range with multiple applications within national and international food-aid and world feeding schemes. The aim of the project is improving food security which requires a comprehensive approach towards post-harvest research, as post-harvest losses are known to be significant, especially in low and medium income countries.

The aim is to identify, develop and share appropriate practices and technologies to reduce post-harvest losses and generate higher-value products from bio-waste on and off farms as well as packaging and value-add facilities, while at the same time maintaining the quality, nutritional properties and safety of food. We have developed a ready prepared, non-perishable solution to help improve food security, sustainability and supply to needy communities and countries.


TEL: +27 (0)21 875 5943


Potbelly Pantry, Klapmuts
Western Cape
South Africa